Fuzz, Octave / Diamond


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The f-Octave is a positively ripping fuzzbox that combines two classic fuzz flavors within one enclosure. The circuit itself is a modified version of the velvet-clad Foxx Tone Machine, one of the most unsung fuzz heroes in effects history.

The f-Octave combines classic silicon-based fuzz that lends a unique flavor to your signal chain, along with a punishing yet musical octave-up fuzz that’s free of any digital meddling. Simply flick the Oct switch upward, watch the LED change from blue to purple, and shred your way to analog octave-up bliss.

Like most octave-up effects, the octaves really jump out with your guitar’s tone knob down, Fuzz knob kept at conservative levels and on notes above the 12th fret. However, rules are meant to be broken. Playing all over the neck and at different tonal settings within the Oct mode yields extremely pleasing textural results.

The Tone control is also unique to the f-Octave, and alters the fuzz character a bit while affecting the tonality. Backing off the Tone control yields a dark, bubbly fuzz while turning it up gives a piercing, cutting fuzz that tears through the mix.

Diamond f-Octave features:

  • Based on the unsung classic Foxx Tone Machine
  • Two modes of fuzz featuring classic fuzz and analog octave-up fuzz
  • Made in Canada
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)